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Nose is the centre of the face, standing as one of the most necessary features. Even to a small degree deformity of the nose will make a face unpleasant whereas a well-shaped nose that matches natural on the face makes a face appealing and pleasing. It goes without saying that mismatching nose makes us conscious of our appearance and lowers our self-esteem. Rhinoplasty which is also referred as the nose job or nose reshaping surgery is done to boost the shape or function of the nose and is one of the most well-liked cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. Nose job surgery brings about a minor or a significant change in the nose that considerably improves the general look of the patients. The improvement will have an amazing impact on an individual's look and self-esteem.

The purpose:
  • To reshape the nose in order to harmonise it with other facial features
  • To correct deviated nose or septum (DNS) thus solving the problems of breathing / frequent bouts of common cold (popularly known as functional rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty)
  • To correct the deformity of the nose subsequent to injury or previous surgery

Rhinoplasty Procedure:

Understanding nose reshaping surgery properly is significant throughout the consultation. There's no absolute ideal in nose surgery. Ethnicity, skin type, and age of the patient are crucial determinants. The goal is to make the nose in harmony with encompassing face, leading to overall aesthetic improvement. Sometimes, chin augmentation and other surgeries of the face may have to be combined for achieving an ideal balance and harmony within the face.

The rhinoplasty procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia and less commonly under local anaesthesia. Rhinoplasty surgery will either be done by closed technique or by open technique depending on the extent of surgery. This may rely upon where the incisions are created. our best rhinoplasty surgeon will follow the technique that he feels would be best appropriate for you. Most part of the incision lines are hidden, the trans-columellar scar is hardly visible in due course of time.

Our chief cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sajal Halder, who has received specialised training in nose reshaping surgery, assesses the bones, cartilage and soft tissues for deformities. With meticulous planning, the deformities like deviated nose, broad and massive nose, boxy tip / hanging tip or depressed nose, are corrected. If present, the surgeon additionally corrects the septal deviation i.e. deviated septum (DNS) at the same time. Nose plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery nose is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in our best cosmetic surgery centre in Delhi.

Types of Nose Jobs

Nose Job for Irregular Nasal Tip or Bulbous Nose Tip

The nasal tip is one amongst the primary things anyone sees in your face. The nasal tip is the end of your nose. Nasal tip sits upon on underlying Nasal cartilage. The incidence of an irregular Nasal tip is common. The commonest reason for the incidence of an irregular Nasal tip is genetically inheritable. Generally, because of failing rhinoplasty surgery or any accident in past may also produce irregular nose tip. The irregular nasal tip is often corrected with the help of correct nose job surgery. The bulbous tip is extremely common in our country and this cluster forms a significant range in our country.

Top Plastic surgeons operate underlying cartilage to form your nasal tip look symmetrical on the each facet. In the bulbous tip, removal of soft tissue on top of and around the cartilaginous framework is also done. Nasal tip correction is effective once your face is grownup. Although there's no age restriction and limitation to get nasal tip correction. However, after you are grown up your nasal tip becomes less elastic and results are comparatively better. In most cases, rhinoplasty surgery or nose job surgery takes significant time to settle down to give best rhinoplasty result. The nose reshaping follow up can unto nine months to a year to give good looking nose.

Deviated nose and Crooked Nose

Deviated nose is characterized by a loss of line of the dorsum of the nose. The basis of the external deviation of the nose is due underlying deviation of the bony nasal pyramid, the septum or both and therefore the severely deviated nose is usually known as the crooked nose.

It's a challenge to correct deviated nose as the functional problem in the form of difficulty in breathing is often associated with an aesthetic deformity in most cases. Surgery of the nose in crooked nose deformity requires correction of underlying bony cartilaginous framework along with the use autologous cartilage for nasal framework support.

Sharp Nasal Tip

With the excess length of the nasal tip, Nose seems to be huge in size and irregular. Commonly, we discover this cluster of the patient with a high dorsum of the nose.

Spread or Wide Nose

Wide Nose will solely be detected from a front angle as wide nose seems normal from a side angle. Once you have a thick nose skin your nose seems wide. Whereas if the underlying bone structure of your nose is wide and spread your nose seems to be wide and such noses are troublesome to work upon.

When your Nose skin is thick, it can be reduced and made skinny by working on the skin. Creating your skin skinny has some limitations and great results are difficult to attain during this case. The second approach is to figure on the underlying bone structure while not troubling your respiratory functions. You've got to consult an experienced and senior plastic surgeon to get it done. As a result of performing on the bone structure needs a great knowledge of nasal anatomy and structure. The prior analysis is often needed.

Depressed Nose or Ski Nose or saddle nose deformity

Depressed Nose condition is the condition within which the nasal bone between the top bones of nose close to the forehead is depressed and indented to the rest of the nose. Depressed Nose is corrected by raising the area of depression. Grafts or cartilage helps in raising the area of depression. Principally grafts or cartilage is harvested from the ear bone. If the depression is major then such depression cannot be correct using ear bone cartilage because they are short, in such cases, grafts that are strong, long and stiff are prepared from the rib cartilage.

Big Nose

If you have got a giant nose, it may be corrected with the rhinoplasty. The best cosmetic surgeon in your neighbourhood will definitely help you in getting the best rhinoplasty surgery and achieving an aesthetically appealing nose. Massive Nose is attributable to the underlying bone structure and skin. Multiple ways to reshape your nose could also be needed reckoning on the analysis. A decent and experienced cosmetic and cosmetic surgeon can help you in this regards. Massive Noses are very complicated to treat.

Though you have got a giant nose, an extremely tiny nose can't be offered to you. Senior cosmetic plastic surgeon at our Orange tree aesthetic centre will give you realistic expectations in terms of results and will justify this factor throughout the analysis. Extraordinarily tiny nose damage your facial harmony. Therefore a giant nose is corrected to the scale which can suit you. Big Nose is corrected by operating underlying bone structure of the nose as mentioned within the wide nose section of this page while not disturbing your respiratory function. a reduction in nose thickness and dealing on the tip might also be needed. Relying upon the analysis correct planning is done to induce desired results.

Humps on the Nose

Humps on the Nose h4 Nasal hump removal is one amongst the foremost common surgeries performed in cosmetic surgery; we are able to say that removing Nasal hump is of the foremost common rhinoplasty performed today. Nasal humps are genetically shaped and they can be of any form. To get Nasal hump removed you need to a minimum of wait for eighteen years of age, as your face and nose structure changes continuously until then. If your only problem is hump then removal of Hump is a simple task and might be done by filling the underlying cartilage

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary Rhinoplasty is finesse rhinoplasty and it requires the greatest skills and ingenuity by the plastic surgeon. Secondary rhinoplasty is a corrective nose surgery that changes the aesthetic functional concerns of a previously done rhinoplasty surgery. A previous nose job surgery can lead to many problems or concern which needs to be corrected by the repeat rhinoplasty procedure, the problems can be:

  • Lack of tip projection
  • Saddle deformity
  • Supratip deformity
  • Alar deformity including hot chip
  • Internal valve collapse
  • Deformity of columella
  • Thick rigid tip
  • Persistent Pinocchio tip

Secondary rhinoplasty can be most demanding and frustrating surgery. In the majority of the cases, there is a deficiency of cartilage and correction often needs extensive use of conchal, septal or costal cartilage. Depending on the deformity, the corrective procedure varies.

As like primary rhinoplasty, there is little scope for error and it is very important that you seek a rhinoplasty expert who is skilled and her immense experience in secondary rhinoplasty. It is advised to seek a plastic surgeon who specialized in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty so that rate of further revision is reduced. Orange tree aesthetic and hair restoration centre is proud to have one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons to give you best rhinoplasty result.